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Complete Peace of Mind

Irrespective of project size or scale, we implement components of our Programme Transformation & Governance model, the core of which is project and service management.

We include these as a complimentary value-added service to ensure you have complete peace of mind and get the best process, efficiency and value from working with us.

How does it benefit you?

  • Accurate & transparent reporting against a pre-agreed plan provided by your Solutions Delivery Manager on:

  • - Outcomes
    - Targets
    - Project Status Supplier
    - Performance
    - Budgetary Impact
    - Potential risk
    - Complete peace of mind knowing tasks are being met successfully
    - Expertise to track specific tasks, projects or larger groups/programmes of work

As part of an overlying governance function, the components of PTG ensure the services, teams and suppliers we use are fully compliant with internal client processes and external industry requirements, including legislation requirements such as HMRC's IR35.

Every project and service we undertake will include elements of the PTG offering which is delivered and managed by a dedicated Engagement Manager whose role is to ensure that a client procures is managed and met. They also manage and report on the whole supply channel, project activities and contractual performance. Where required, they also work to remediate performance issues and provide clear communication to all parties on expectations, delivery attainment and future considerations.

Our 5-Step Process Every Project & Service We Provide Goes Through:


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