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Software Development

What We Cover

We support you across all areas of Software Development focusing specifically on:

  • 1. Agile & DevOps methodologies, principles and practices
  • We can provide consultancy in the creation of DevOps processes, teams and efficiency to ensure software projects are delivered rapidly by utilising continual development, testing and release functionality.

    Most commonly our engagements are scrum based and we provide, scrum oversight, product owners or full squads but also cover other agile methods such as Kanban if required. Our services and consultants provide the tools, methods and processes alongside leading or guiding the delivery of your projects, whether the teams are ours, yours, or 3rd parties, Understanding Solutions is on hand to ensure delivery excellence.

  • 2. Software Engineering to assist and deliver full-stack, front & back-end code creation, validation & verification
    • As more and more technology moves to be Software-driven, providing development expertise in the .NET Microsoft framework along with full-stack web development such as JavaScript, React, and Python is crucial. Our consultants support and work with client organisations in all aspects of designing, planning and implementing software development projects.

  • 3. Quality Assurance to test, report and improve the quality of engineering activities

Our QA offering is created to validate and assess accuracy across all of the software engineering life cycles, we use automation expertise to significantly improve ROI. Our experienced automation consultants and engineers ensure that automated testing is implemented where ongoing value can be achieved, maximising your return on investment and taking a pragmatic approach to the use of the latest tools, techniques and technologies and integrating with CI/CD pipelines.

Software Development

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